for outdoor applications

This model is designed for outdoor applications (under shelter) or in facilities without climate control. The built-in thermocontrol system keeps the temperature inside the turnstile housing at the preset level. The remote control unit of the TTR-04W-24 features a built-in standby power supply.

A combination of elegant looks and proven high reliability over many years of operation makes the TTR-04W-24 a perfect fit for employment at ski resorts.

The turnstile is operated from the remote control panel and features 6 operating modes used for bi-directional single or multiple passages. After each passage the barrier arms are automatically returned to home position. Smoothness of reset is ensured by the damper.

Features & Benefits:

bulletremote control unit
bulletbuilt-in thermocontrol system
bulletbi-directional passage control
bullethigh flow rate
bulletLED directional indicators
bulletcable or wireless remote control panel
bulletintegration with most identification and access control systems
bulletautomatic reset of barrier arms after each passage
bulletkey override to unlock the turnstile in case of emergency
bulletsafe supply voltage
bulletlow power consumption
bulletsimple installation with anchor fixtures


A wide range of versions and colour options makes the tripods suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications in offices, banks, exhibition centers, museums, administrative buildings, retail outlets, railway terminals, airports, etc.

Standard delivery set:

bulletturnstile housing
bulletbarrier arms

LED display with status and direction indication

cable remote control panel

remote control unit with power supply
and battery

key override control

CATALOGO ( .pdf )


Materials and Finishes


bullethousing — powder coated steel
bulletbarrier arms — stainless steel

Colours and Finishes:


bulletcorrosion-resistant poly-zinc coat plus
bulletsandpaper powder coating with pearl mica
bulleteffect; light beige colour

Powder coating to colour of choice (according to RAL) is available. Time of manufacture and price quotation are specified individually.

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